Somebody will blow the whistle :)

Jadi perempuan jangan bodoh sangat ikut cakap boyfriend awak yang tak betul. Kalau orang cakap bodoh, marah. Sukatilah. Taktau lah kubur siapa dia tunjuk. That King of Tears would do anything, yes literally ANYTHING to hide EVERYTHING from you and your friends. Sebab dia tau, once  the secrets are all out, you guys are surely going to hate him. Mark my words sweethearts. Kawan-kawan dia yang pernah ikut we both dating dulu bukan taktau pasal I. They are just too scared to open up the stories. Takut Afiq marah. Hahaha. Aku taknak cakap apa-apa. All I know is if you;re smart enough you should've investigated why did I make such accusations towards him, which is not really accusation, its more to the truth. But what can I say. Mulut Afiq manis sangat taktau apa dia stuffed you with and whatever he told you. Malas lah. Malas. I and people around us je tau what happened :) And you have nothing to do with it. Tuhan ada. I know what to do. The time will come. Sooner or later, you're sure gonna get it. Finish what you started honey.


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