You're good at giving lectures. I think you have the abilities to change the world and make it go upside down someday with your points. Sorry, your opinion isn't needed dear 'girl' ;) You don't have to go online just to have something to post on your blog trying to explain the things that you wanna say and claiming that its all 'your words'. Get what I mean? Tau semua tu copy paste je from the internet. Nampak sangat lah wak. Hahaha. You're so proud of you kpop language sampai kutuk-kutuk aku now what? You're using ENGLISH jugak kan? haha shameless i must say. Where's your stand girl? You're talking about people who is hard in giving forgiveness but then you stated there "*i can't forgive for those ppl wo do that !" Chickkkkkk you seriouusss? Really, where's your stand? What are you trying to prove now? And again I shall proudly mention here,  you should've walk in my shoe thus you'll definitely know how does it feels like to be treated like a dog. You know NOTHING my dear so can you please zip up your mouth, lock it or either keep it shut and secure? :) Don't worry, I'll just wait and watch whats gonna happen next. Can't wait for the next drama! As I mentioned on the previous post, somebody will blow the whistle and as soon as you know it, you'll go crying like MAAADDD, I'm telling ya I swear. Mark my words. Like I've never been to your place before;) God has a better plan I'm very sure of that. He's gonna let me and you watch! ;) With that, I rest my case. Love tweeples! xx 

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