Hi guys
Im tired of answering the same question thats hurting me so bad when i think of it
So now im gonna explain
Yeah, as you see there are MAJOR changes in my blog 
I suspected Afiq is the one who did it cos he's the only one who knows my pword
But.... he swore in the name of Allah that it wasn't him 
Then should I trust him?
Definitely NO
You've lied countless times and tore my heart into pieces
I'm sorry, I trusted you too much 
Gotta slow my self down on that and I need to strict no matter what you say

I never gave you a reason to hate me. You're just creating your own little drama out of pure insecurity.

So this is the picture of us yg i letak kt heading blog i but he removed it!
Sorry yaya, boyfriend I ni mmg teruk sikit. 
I spoil you too much yayang, treated you too nice till you forget how I should be treated
Youre too pampered with my love
So as a return of  damaged blog, you can see up there a picture of.... hehehe
Women get tired of hearing about what you can and will do. They value action, a man of action is what a woman prefers. The worst lies are the ones that are told by the people that you've always been honest with, the ones u love & trust. So make your decision. I ain;t gonna stay here any longer. I'll go soon. You better make up your mind sayang.
alololo habis sweet ah ni? 

Im posting it again cos you deleted it. Notice the pictures are increasing? 
 Now tell me your answer
Dont make me reveal more about you yayang
Kalau I benci you I dah lama malukan you dgn lebih teruk
And I ownt be waiting for your answer until now
Kalau perempuan lain jadi I, haihhhhhhh
Mati lah you afiq :')
Im waiting
Text me as soon as you wake up

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